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COVID-19:All of our Mobile Notaries have been pre-screened and following all CDC recommendations for personal sanitation. [ Learn More ]

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Who we are?

Rai's Mobile Notary LLC began as a local mobile notary firm with a vision for reshaping the future of the mobile notary industry by combining technology with unsurpassed customer service in order to provide customers with the most efficient mobile notary process possible. From the start, our business model has always been framed around the strong belief that the main focus of our operations will always be our customers. We are a closely-knit, professional organization committed to providing the highest level of customer service through highly experienced loan signing consultants utilizing the most innovative technology available. However, as technology becomes an increasingly larger part of our daily operations, we never lose sight of the fact that Honesty, Values, and Integrity have always been the backbone of our traveling notary business.

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What we do?

Rai's Mobile Notary LLC is a full service agency which provides printing of document, scan back of document, overnight of documents, and even courier services. We leverage technology and the power of the Internet with a traditional brick and mortar business in order to bring you efficient mobile notary service too you're doorstep with unsurpassed customer service.We offer 24 Hour Mobile Notary Service around the clock, as well as a variety of options to help get your documents notarized in a timely fashion whether it be a rush or a holiday appointment. Here at Rai's Mobile Notary LLC, we believe that even in the face of rapid technological advances, old-fashioned mobile notary service with a smile will never become obsolete. We do business the right way…the Rai's Mobile Notary way! We make your clients smile with our highly advanced team which caters to all individuals and businesses throughout the United States. Our mobile notary services come to your doorstep with a smile and leave you with a ever lasting feeling when we're done. We make sure all our notaries arrive on time to each appointment, execute documents in a timely manner, and deliver them to their appropriate destination. Our experience in the industry is incomparable and we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our customer service is top ranked as we contact all of our clients to confirm each appointment and send emails reminding them. Traveling Notary never got any easier when dealing with our agency. Our staff of mobile notaries throughout the U.S brings a different feeling of relief when it comes to convenience. We strive to be the best and we show it through our top level service

How we do it?

Our online booking form was created to simplify the mobile notary process by developing proprietary software that automates the mobile notary to your secure environment. By moving automation closer to the point-of-sale, Rai's Mobile Notary is able to increase efficiency and productivity, which enables us to offer signing agents to help facilitate your loan documents better than any competitors. Our proprietary systems allow us to operate in a seamless environment and create a transparent process for the online mobile notary shopper. Rai's Mobile Notary LLC is an integrated partner in a nationwide network of licensed closing agents, and mobile notary publics. We have local agents in your home town which come to you, at your convenience. (You even have the option of closing your loan signing right in your own living room!) Along with our established network of strategic business partners, we continuously increase efficiency by streamlining operations and eliminating non-value-added steps in the mortgage closing process, …and we do it all with a smile.

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What makes us different?

Our goal is to meet and exceed each client’s expectations, and we do that by offering unsurpassed customer service! At Rai's Mobile Notary LLC., we put People before Profits. Our home town way of doing business has always been to make sure that each customer receives the highest level of personalized, customer service throughout the entire mortgage loan signing process. Our clients praise us for the communications that we maintain with them throughout the entire mobile notary loan signing process. We make sure that you always have two points of contact so that you can feel comfortable knowing that someone is just seconds away when you need them. Guaranteed! At Rai's Mobile Notary LLC, “People before Profits” isn’t just a catch phrase…it’s the way we do business…every day!



As a precautionary health measure against the COVID-19 outbreak and in correspondence with the WHO (World Health Organization). Rai's Mobile Notary Services will be implementing the following changes until further notice.

  1. We don't share pens at the moment so please have your own pen to sign when our contractor shows up. We will wear masks and gloves upon arrival.
  2. Upon Arrival Client(s) and Mobile Notary will refrain from any physical contact such as handshakes while keeping a healthy 6 ft. distance at all times.
  3. Both Mobile Notary and Client(s) will be required to use hand sanitizer at the start and finish of each signing. Hand sanitizer will be made available by the mobile notary until supply last. Otherwise handwashing will be required.
  4. We ask that any Client showing or experiencing any symptoms of a cold or who feels has been exposed to the COVID-19 to please reschedule. Symptoms include but are not limited to coughing, fever, and body aches.
  5. All bags and notarial equipment will be disinfected before and after every signing.

Rai's Mobile Notary Services would like to thank you for your time and cooperation. Our clients and staff health are our main priority.

Our Story

Rai's Mobile Notary, LLC has been serving the community since 2012. From the beginning, our vision has always been to create the largest agency of mobile notaries, be it jail mobile notary, hospital mobile notary, and other traveling or mobile notary services so we can attend to every single client without delay. When you're in a rush to get your legal documents or paperwork done, you can rely on the assistance of a mobile notary from our team. We can go ANYWHERE that is convenient for you.

With our 24-hour mobile notary services, you can process your legal documents even at the last minute or within the same day. Our unparalleled customer services on jail mobile notary ensure that clients inside the jails who need to make their power of attorneys and other legal documentation can receive prompt assistance. We also provide hospital mobile notary anytime, anywhere in the country, especially for hospitalized clients who need health and financial power of attorney. At Rai's Mobile Notary, LLC, your legal needs are always our priority. We ensure that you will have your mobile notary service provider within an hour or less.

Our mobile notary services are also accessible in all 50 states of the country; hence, whether you just arrived in a new county or within the comfort of your own home, you can always have our team to back your notarial needs. Book our services for jail mobile notary, hospital mobile notary, or other traveling notary services by filling out our online form. At Rai's Mobile Notary, LLC, we pride ourselves in offering affordable, reliable, and streamlined traveling notary services anywhere in the United States. Making sure your documents are in safe hands is very important to us, which is why offer the highest level of quality and unmatched precision for every notarization we complete. Our experienced traveling notary team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured up to 1 million in errors and omission coverage so you can solace in the fact that we take document security and identification seriously. To schedule a service, please either call directly or book an appointment online. We thank you for visiting and look forward to working with you soon!


  1. Passion: We are passionate about the work we do and genuinely enjoy helping one another succeed.
  2. Team: Working together to succeed together.
  3. Excellence: When we work to exceed expectations, we create raving fans from our clients, notaries and of each other.
  4. Accountability: Think like clients, but act like owners.
  5. Efficiently-Effective: The ability and capacity to do all things well, successfully and without waste.
  6. Every Client is a VIP: We value ALL interactions with our clients —we partner with you to understand your needs—and provide solutions that you'll love.

You Deserve More Time, Less Stress!

Hiring us makes your life easier, reduces the stress, and allows you to focus on what's important - making more deals! We take care of everything for you so that your time is never wasted again; you can get back to closing more deals in less time so you can enjoy your family and life. Getting your documents notarized can be a hassle. You have to search for an experienced notary, and then hope that they are available when you need them.

When you hire us, you don't have to worry anymore! Our national notary signing service understands your need for fast, reliable, accurate, and professional services. Our nationwide network of over 192,000 professional notary signing agents are available 24/7.

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    Nationwide Process Servers

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    Service of Process Across the USA

    Rai's Mobile Notary provides quality and professional service of process nationwide. We are extremely skilled in the service of process and have over 10 years experience serving legal documents.

    We offer flat rate pricing on all types of legal documents. With our fees, you know exactly what every service costs before you forward documents.

    Service of Process you can Trust

    Rai's Mobile Notary was created to represent perfection in customer service in the service of process field. We treat each client as our primary client and ensure perfection throughout the entire service of process.

    Most of our serves' are completed in 72 hours or less. Returns of service are prepared immediately and promptly returned to your office.

    Process service is a legal procedure where one party of a lawsuit gives notice of legal action to the other, thereby allowing them the necessary time to respond. It’s an important step, and a lawsuit cannot continue if the process serving procedure hasn’t been thoroughly taken care of. Of course, no one likes to be sued, and some unscrupulous individuals will try to duck the consequences of their actions and avoid people serving court documents. If this happens, there are a few options available.

    Ensure Your Legal Documents Get Where They Need to Go with Same Day Process Service.

    Serving legal documents is a necessary step that you must go through when taking legal action against a defendant in court. It is not always easy to find a proper process serving company but here at Rai's Mobile Notary we have a devoted team working on the hour to help provide you with a smooth and easy process when facing something as unpleasant as this.

    We have some of the most experienced professionals in the industry working tirelessly to help you with any situations or instructions that you may have. No job is too big or too small for us. We can accommodate most special instructions and our process servers are dressed in regular civilian clothing making it tougher for someone who is avoiding service to notice anything peculiar.

    If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of our agents that can assist you.

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