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Notarial act and stamp used by the Polish notary

Our Mobile Notary

In today’s fast-paced world, having a mobile notary service available 24 hours a day is crucial. The convenience of being able to have a notary public come to you, no matter where you are, is invaluable. It can save you time, money, and the hassle of having to travel to a notary’s office.

At Rai’s Mobile Notary LLC & Apostille, we take pride in delivering prompt and efficient mobile notary services, making sure that our client’s needs are always prioritized. We understand the importance of legal documents and how time-sensitive they can be. This is why we guarantee to have a mobile notary service provider to you within an hour or less. Our experienced and professional team of mobile notaries is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can trust that your documents are in safe hands.

24/7 Services

Our 24-hour mobile notary service provides clients with the flexibility they need to get their legal documents signed and notarized at their convenience, whether it’s during regular business hours or after hours.

Committed to You Wherever You Are

Our goal is to save you time and reduce the hassle of getting your documents notarized. Instead of spending valuable time searching for an experienced notary and hoping they are available, we take care of everything for you. This way, you can focus on closing deals and enjoying your life with family and friends.

With our mobile notary services, we come to you at a time and place that is convenient for you, whether it’s your home, office, or another location. We understand the importance of efficient and timely notarization, which is why we prioritize prompt service and make ourselves available for last-minute requests. By eliminating the inconvenience and stress of finding a notary, we strive to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Our mobile notary service is of great importance to clients who are incarcerated and need to make legal arrangements. This can be a challenging time for them, and the last thing they need is the added stress of having to find a notary public. Our mobile notary service can help make the process of signing legal documents more accessible for them, giving them the peace of mind they need during difficult times.

In addition to our jail mobile notary service, we also provide hospital mobile notary services. This service is particularly important for clients who are hospitalized and need to create legal documents related to their health and finances. Our hospital mobile notary service can help alleviate the stress and difficulty of navigating the legal system while dealing with a medical condition. We understand the importance of providing efficient and reliable mobile notary services to our clients, no matter where they are, so they can focus on their recovery without worrying about legal documentation.

Common Types of Documents That Require a Mobile Notary

Our traveling notary public can provide convenient services to clients by traveling to their preferred location. We serve clients who are unable to travel to a notary public office due to certain circumstances. We are trained to handle a wide range of legal documents and are equipped to handle various notary services.

Here are some common types of documents that we can notarize:

  1. Real estate documents: Real estate transactions, such as deeds, title transfers, and mortgages, often require notarization. We can assist with the notarization of these documents at the client’s preferred location, such as their home or office.
  2. Power of attorney documents: A power of attorney document authorizes an individual to act on another person’s behalf. These documents often require notarization, and we can assist in executing and notarizing the document.
  3. Wills and trusts: A will is a legal document that outlines a person’s wishes regarding the distribution of their assets after they pass away. Trusts are legal arrangements that allow a trustee to hold and manage assets on behalf of a beneficiary. Both wills and trusts often require notarization, and we can help clients execute and notarize these documents.
  4. Business documents: Business owners often require notarization for various legal documents, including contracts, partnership agreements, and articles of incorporation.
  5. Medical documents: Medical documents, such as living wills and advance directives, often require notarization. These documents allow individuals to make important medical decisions in advance and require notarization to ensure their validity.

We can provide a wide range of notary services, making it more convenient for clients to have their legal documents notarized. Whether it’s for real estate, business, medical, or personal needs, we can make the notarization process smoother and hassle-free.