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Mobile Notary South Dakota

If you are in South Dakota and looking for professional notary services in the comfort of your home, you can hire a mobile notary South Dakota to serve your purpose. A mobile notary agent, also known as a traveling notary in South Dakota, is commissioned by the South Dakota Secretary of State and functions as per South Dakota’s notarization laws. A mobile notary in South Dakota travels to your desired location for administering oaths, affirmations, affidavits, will, and much more.

Why Choose Rai’s Mobile Notary LLC & Apostille for Your Mobile Notary South Dakota Needs?

Rai’s Mobile Notary LLC & Apostille offers customized mobile notary services to banks, hospitals, attorneys, real estate firms, insurance agencies, related companies, settlement agencies, title and escrow companies, nursing homes, jails, correctional facilities, and private parties across South Dakota.

If you are unable to travel to a local notary public office in South Dakota owing to your health issues or busy schedule, you can seek the services of Rai’s Mobile Notary LLC & Apostille Signing Agency. Our mobile notary agents travel to your residence, farmhouse, office, hotel, hospital, café, prison, etc. to help you complete the process of notarization at a time convenient to you. Our mobile notary agents confirm your identity and witness/ verify your signatures. They are also authorized to affix their signature, and a black ink stamp, or an embossed seal for notarizing your legal papers.



Rais Mobile Notary provides you with reliable mobile notary services for all types of certificates, including wills, trust, acknowledgments, jurats, oaths, and affirmations. The typical signing services provided by us include refinancing, purchase or seller documents, a home equity line of credit (HELOC), and reverse mortgages.

We offer notary services 24/7 throughout the year across South Dakota. Our Company also offer same-day rush services to our clients. We have more than a decade of industry experience with the wisdom of over 4000 closings to date.

Areas We Serve in South Dakota

Alcester City
Murdo City
Quinn City