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About Us

Rai's Mobile Notary has been serving the community since 2012. From the beginning, our vision has always been to create the largest agency of mobile notaries, be it jail notary, hospital notary, and other traveling notary services so we can attend to every single client without delay. When you're in a rush to get your legal documents or paperwork done, you can rely on the assistance of a traveling notary from our team. We can go ANYWHERE that is convenient for you.

With our 24-hour mobile notary services, you can process your legal documents even at the last minute or within the same day. Our unparalleled customer services on jail notary ensure that clients inside the jails who need to make their power of attorneys and other legal documentation can receive prompt assistance. We also provide hospital notary anytime, anywhere in the country, especially for hospitalized clients who need health and financial power of attorney. At Rai’s Mobile Notary, your legal needs are always our priority. We ensure that you will have your notary service provider within an hour or less.

Our traveling notary services are also accessible in all 50 states of the country; hence, whether you just arrived in a new county or within the comfort of your own home, you can always have our team to back your notarial needs.

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Rai is a native of California who had a vision to transform a small notary company in his local neighborhood of Orange County, by using all reclaimed material and marketing strategies into a nationwide full-service mobile notary agency now known as Rai's Mobile Notary. The designs of his vision came with hard work and diligence.

With a disciplined work ethic, Rai managed to maintain work over-load by creating jobs throughout the community for thousands of notaries all across the United States. His historical and rustic character exhibits an artistic and creative aesthetic that suits the notary industry by allowing every customer to have service anytime they please with his online order form.

Off the beaten path of his success and well-hidden without a sign, Rai's Mobile Notary is now a successful full servicing agency specializing in scanning/printing documents, overnighting, courier service, 24-hour service, and premier mobile notary service for its top-notch clientele. The concept of Rai's Mobile Notary is to be discovered by locals through word-of-mouth; we welcome you for premium mobile notary service.


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At Rai's Mobile Notary, we never waste time! You can take advantage of our mobile notary services on YOUR time, whenever that may be. For quitclaims, grants, trusts, affidavits, and every other document that needs notarization, our traveling notaries will go to where you are. Watch this video to find out just how much you can benefit from our fast, friendly, and fairly priced mobile notary services!

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Notary Employment

We are a full service concierge service that specializes in sourcing the most qualified notary public for each transaction. All notarial acts included in the total price, not to exceed state mandated maximum fees per the Office of the Secretary of State.