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The Most Common Types of Notarizations

If you are in Maine, the need for notarizing important legal documents may arise anytime. A mobile notary in Maine is authorized to notarize different kinds of documents. However, notary agents?traditional as well as mobile, are not authorized to determine the notarization type for a signer.? In today’s post, we will shed light on the most common types of notarial acts that a mobile notary public is authorized to perform in Maine.

Different types of legally-binding documents fall under different notarization categories. The different types of documents notarized by a mobile notary or traveling notary agent in Maine are:

  • Acknowledgments: The key objective of acknowledgments is to corroborate that the document signer/signers is who they claim to be. Acknowledgments are generally required for legal documents related to mortgages, deeds of trust, and other valuable assets. To notarize an acknowledgment, the signer/signers must personally appear before a mobile notary public to be identified and to acknowledge that the signature on the legal document belongs to them and has been signed willingly and not as a result of undue pressure. Though individuals should sign acknowledgments in the presence of a mobile notary, however, it is not mandatory. The signer/signers may sign the legal document beforehand and later declare in the presence of the mobile notary agent that the signature on the document belongs to them.
  • Jurat: When notarizing a jurat, the signer/signers affirm that the contents mentioned in a legal document are accurate. For notarizing a jurat, the signer must privately appear before the mobile notary agent in Maine to sign the legal document in the latter’s presence. The mobile notary then administers an oath or affirmation and asks the signer to read aloud their pledge that the declaration in the legal document is true. The signer also decides if they would like to choose between an oath and affirmation.
  • Signature Witnessing: Though it is similar to acknowledgments, the only difference is that the documents must be signed in the presence of the mobile notary. When a mobile notary agent in Maine performs signature witnessing, they witness individual/individuals signing a legal document. They also verify the signer’s /signers? identity proof and confirm that they are the same individual who they claim to be.
  • Copy Certification: It is a confirmation that the reproduction of legal documents is true and authentic. Legal documents that need copy certification are contracts, leases, vehicle titles, social security cards, driver’s licenses. Medical records, bills of sale, and so on. To conduct a copy certification, you must present your original documents to the mobile notary agent. The mobile notary will generate a copy and notarize the legal document after corroborating its authenticity.

So these are a few standard notarial acts that a mobile notary in Maine is authorized to perform. If you want to notarize your legal documents but are not sure what type of notarization is needed, get in touch with the best mobile notary services in Maine for prompt and professional notarization services.

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